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Stop Private  Clinics and Unlawful User-fees and Extra-billing of Patients

The Ontario Health Coalition, in partnership with the provincial and territorial health coalitions and the Canadian Health Coalition, has been working tirelessly to bring an end to the unlawful extra-billing of patients by private health clinics and stop the privatization of health care services. Private clinics undermine public health care and equal, universal health care for all Canadians by billing public health plans (like OHIP) and also billing patients extra user fees, sometimes amounting to thousands of dollars for medically needed care. This is unlawful under the Canada Health Act and it causes hardship and growing inequity.

We have written an Open Letter to all Provincial and Federal Health Ministers in Canada calling upon them to uphold the Canada Health Act, stop two-tier user fees and extra-billing of patients, and stop privatization. Our goal is to get 1,000 organizations to sign on to the open letter. You can sign-on online through the link here (in French and English):

OR see a full explanation of the issues here.



1. District 14 Governance Document - 2019
2. District 14 Annual Report - 2019

A little older:

3.Letter to Doug Ford regarding proposed changes to the Ontario Education System
     announced by Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson. Complete letter here.

4. Scam help - connections to help protect you.





















Volunteers Wanted!

RTO/ERO members looking for opportunities to volunteer in a local school to contact are invited to contact the  DSBN Academy.

Our school has a unique situation in that all of our students remain after school and are expected to participate in clubs from 3-4 pm. Since almost all of our students are bused in they do not leave until 4pm. We run a wide range of clubs and try to match student and volunteer interests. We have gr. 6-9 students at the moment, but we will continue expanding until we have a full program from gr. 9-12.

Our after secondary school club program is run separately from the elementary program, so we only have gr. 9 students in the clubs we are running at the high school level. Currently we are looking for leadership for the following clubs: chess, woodworking, culinary, photography, ideography.


The Archives are being digitized.

Here is an archived file of our district history that
might be of interest to some of our members:

First 25 years of District 14.

and - Our District 14 presidents from the beginning to 2017-18